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Private Investigator, also known as Private Detective, works for individuals and organizations to find the truth, and the truth is nothing more than information supported by evidence.


   Gross Investigation Bureau, dedicated to being the world's premier private investigative agency, is based in New York City. The Bureau is staffed with a wide array of highly-skilled and multi-disciplined private investigators, survillance agents, electronic technicians and analysts who support our most significant investigations with information research, collection and analysis. 


While Private Investigators work doesn't typically make the news, the result of their labor are evident in the busted financial fraud ring, the exposed cheating partner, the court victory. Our private investigators specialization is not just collecting information, but obtaining a proof of information. 


At Gross Investigation Bureau, we understand that the each client and the each private investigation is unique, and we are able to adapt the methodology for each individual request. Consistent with our traditional focus on long‑term relationships with our clients, we always seek to provide excellence in client service without regard to short‑term profit. The full resources of the Bureau are brought to bear in support of every private investigation project, whether the client is a single individual or a multinational corporation.

"Professionalism - Intelligence - Confidentiality" are not just words, but three pillars for which the Bureau and its representatives always stand for."


Vlad Bratuta 

Director of Gross Investigation Bureau